# HEDONISM PARTY HOWTO # ### Table Of Contents ### 1. [The party theme](#desires) * [Laws of Hedonism](#hedonism) * [Request Flowchart](#flowchart) * [Types of requests](#request) * [Impromptu versus Scheduled](#ivss) * [Private versus Public](#pvsp) * [Open vs Closed](#ovsc) * [Announced versus Unannounced](#avsu) * [Online request board](#subreddit) 2. [Who can you invite?!](#invites) 3. [Logistics/House Rules](#rules) * [Parking](#parking) * [Driving Drunk/Sleeping over](#ddso) * [GMs](#gms) * [Damages/Messes](#dm) * [Safewords](#safewords) * [Cops/Noise](#cn) * [Drugs and Alcohol](#danda) * [Drama](#drama) 4. [Rooms](#rooms) 5. [Rough Schedule](#schedule) 6. [What to do next](#next) <a name="desires"></a> ## So how does this party work? ## The real point of this party is to repress the notion to feel ashamed for asking for what you want, and to encourage people to ask for things. I also want to help make sure that nobody is bored at the party. The idea is that we'll have events based on people's requests all night! <a name="hedonism"></a> ### Three laws of hedonism ### At this party, we're following the *3 laws of hedonism*: 1. *No request is wrong unless it will likely involve cops or doctors, and all desires should be communicated immediately.* If you want it, ask for it, asking is a virtue. If someone asks you for something weird, no judgement, asking is a virtue. 2. *Nobody has to do anything they don't want to do, everyone must always be able to indicate or revoke their consent.* Simply having a desire doesn't entitle it to be met. If you don't want to do something, don't shame them. Just say "No thanks :)", the holy spell of permanullfication. 3. *Do not talk about hedonism parties:* Do not talk about hedonism parties. What happens here stays here :p. Secret Requests remain secret, even to other attendies. Public performances remain secret unless you attended. This means that, at the party, during 'freeform request time' we will be having events. You should also ask people for desires and do them! <a name="flowchart"></a> ### Wait, what do you mean by that? How do you get your ideas/desires fulfilled? ### The below explains how it works. First, think about something you've always wanted to do. Then read about how to handle your request. The best thing to do is to use the [Request flowchart](/flowchart.html), which summarizes the steps. <a name="ivss"></a> #### Impromptu versus Scheduled #### A desire doesn't have to be pre-announced or pre planned. If you want wait to ask for something at the party that's fine! If you come up with an idea for a desire at the party, you should ask for it! "Hey, I would like it if you fed me grapes!" However, if there's something you've always wanted to do and it takes some planning or some scheduled time, it's probably a good idea to plan it in advance. Planning in advance can be done via the [private reddit](https://reddit.com/r/hedonism_party_orl), or via other channels. Four rooms will be available for reservation in short time blocks for public or private requests, and the backyard and dining room area will be available for public requests. If you need allocated a time and a location, talk to me before the party to get you on the schedule. If your desire is impromptu (at the party) and you need one of those things, find an on-duty GM. <a name="pvsp"></a> #### Private versus Public #### In order to include everyone, it's better if your desires are something you can do in public. However, if you want to do something in private away from the party, that's OK too. If you reserve a room (see above 'scheduling') then you can designate the room as 'private' during your reserved time block. Only your party (and GMs) will be allowed into the room during that time. However, if you go over your reserved time block a GM can kick you out or open the door, so try to be honest about how much time you need. If you're invited to a private desire, don't tell anyone who wasn't invited about it! <a name="ovsc"></a> #### Open vs Closed #### An scheduled idea can be open or closed. You don't have to invite anyone to join your idea who you don't want to, but anyone can always ask you if they want to join in!. Conversely, if you hear about or see an idea you want to participate in, you should ask! (This is law 1). They just don't have to say yes (This is law 2). <a name="avsu"></a> #### Announced versus Unannounced #### There will be a posted "Program of Events" for all pre-scheduled public events. This means that you can have your idea announced by a GM and printed on the program to get people rallied to come watch or come participate. If you want your scheduled idea to be announced, talk to me before hand and I'll put it on the program and announce it. If you want your impromptu idea to be announced, talk to the GM on duty. <a name="subreddit"></a> ### Desire Planning+Request Forum ### The BEST place to get people interested in your idea is the [online request forum](https://reddit.com/r/hedonism_party_orl). It is easy to use and will be a great place to plan fun ideas! The link is here, you should bookmark it. Follow the instructions to get an invite. <a name="invites"></a> ## Invites ## The following are the INVITE rules! The party is open invite and very inclusive. Invite whoever you want, we want new blood, but please keep in mind the following: ####DO INVITE: * Anyone you want to do a scene/request with! Scenes are good! * OKC Dates, acquaintances,and friends who are new/outsiders, who want a crazy evening and are open-minded in the right way. Doubly true if they also fit doing a scene. NEW BLOOD GETS TOP PRIORITY! * Up to 3 people you NEED to spend NYE with! ####DON'T INVITE: * Someone you don't like, but you are inviting them because nobody else will in case they won't feel included. * ALL of your friends "because wooooo" * People who will likely only want to spend time hovering around you specifically. * Your ex just because you have to or else you'll be the rude one. * People who might become a problem for the hosts (alcohol or violence). ####DON'T UN-INVITE: * Exes * bad metamours * People you have a beef with Seriously, this party is at least partially about being chill and practicing unity. No drama allowed. If someone you aren't cool with was invited by someone else, try to smile and be polite and excellent to each-other for one night. If you can't do that and can't come, that's too bad, but don't come to me with it. **Lastly, Do not invite anyone to the party without inviting them to the Facebook Event page** If they do not have facebook or there is some other reason, please contact me about them and I can tell you what to do. <a name="rules"></a> ## Logistics/House Rules ## <a name="parking"></a> ### Parking ### The first guests can park on my lawn or in the street. However, it will be crowded and possibly hard to get out. Not 2 blocks away, there is a MASSIVE empty parking lot at an elementary school or one of the two churches. I can't make any promises that you won't get towed so park at your own risk, but to me that seems unlikely because it will be christmas break. <a name="ddso"></a> ### Driving Drunk/Sleeping over ### DONT DRIVE DRUNK DONT DRIVE DRUNK Please bring sheets/blankets pillows/sleeping bags if you want. <a name="gms"></a> ### GMs ### A GM's word is final. Obey them or we will ask you to leave. A GM will also help you by making sure you get time to do your desires, announcing desires, putting you on a room schedule, and helping you recruit people! However, A GM is allowed to observe or veto ANY scene or request, even private ones. If a GM tells you not to have another drink, don't have another drink. If a GM tells you not to do a thing, don't do a thing. **A GM HAS THE POWER TO MAKE ANYONE CLEAN UP ANYTHING AT ANY TIME, EVEN IF IT'S NOT YOUR MESS!** If you want to take a GM shift, contact me. <a name="dm"></a> ### Damages/Messes ### Don't touch, take, or break anything you don't own or don't have explicit consent from the owner to touch, take or break. This includes people, walls, furniture, toys, electronics. Please clean up after yourself as much as possible out of courtesy. **IF YOU DON'T, A GM WILL MAKE YOU.** **A GM HAS THE POWER TO MAKE ANYONE CLEAN UP ANYTHING AT ANY TIME, EVEN IF IT'S NOT YOUR MESS!** (although, obviously, if being a cleanup slave is your thing, tell someone!) <a name="puppies"></a> #### Party Puppies! #### A party puppy is new this year. In addition to GMs, we'll have a few *party puppies* per shift. A party puppy is a special helper to hand out towels, clean messages, and help make party people comfortable! If you need something, like a towel, a drink, hand santizer, use the printer, etc, find a party puppy. <a name="safewords"></a> ### Safewords ### Standard house safewords are * "Red" : Stop immediately! * "Yellow" : Back it off a bit/don't continue till green. * "Green" go. If a request prevents speaking, another system MUST be in place with a GM monitoring, such as dropping a bell, tapping out, or humming a tune. <a name="cn"></a> ### Cops/Noise ### I have neighbors. I'm going to bribe them beforehand and I'm sure they will be understanding because it's NYE, but please try to keep the unabashed screaming or music to a minimum out of courtesy, ESPECIALLY if you're outside. It's never happened before and I don't expect that it will happen, but in the event that the cops DO show up (which seems to be unlikely), do not let them inside, don't open the door all the way, and try to stop all loudness. Flashing lights is equivalant to a global house-wide pause YELLOW. Come find me and I will deal with it. <a name="danda"></a> ### Drugs and Alcohol ### Because of the *dual* issues of consent, AND the potential for the police, please have the courtesy to keep all illegal drugs/substances off of the property. I hate saying this, because it violates the philosophical principles of the party, but after a lot of discussion with a number of people who otherwise are very drug friendly, they advised that the consent complications of lots of suggistibility under harder drugs and everyone making requests, PLUS the possibility of cops around makes a safety hazard. **Please do not bring drugs onto the property!** We will have alcohol because it's a party, but please please please monitor your intake as best as possible and avoid being drunk. Ask your S.O.s to help you at this task. Consent is VERY important to this party, and it will be fun/entertaining enough for you to not need to be drunk to have fun. If anyone tells you to slow down, slow down. Drink, but in moderation. <a name="drama"></a> ### Drama ### Please have a serious discussion with your S.Os beforehand about anything you intend on doing or seeing or might happen. This party is wild enough without people angry at each-other for crossing boundaries. If you have boundaries don't cross them. <a name="rooms"></a> Four bedrooms will be available for reservation in short time blocks for public or private requests, and the backyard and dining room area will be available for public requests. The back dining room will be converted to a blanket/comfy area. Bring beanbag chairs/blankets/pillows/air mattresses. You can do anything public you want there! The kitchen, living room, and hallway areas will be a safe-place. **No requests should happen there.** FOOOD though! <a name="schedule"></a> ## Current Schedule ## This is the current approximate schedule. A more detailed schedule will be posted later. * From 8-10 will be icebreakers/fun games! * Requests/events start at 10 and go till 4:30. * 11:30-12:05 New years: we're all gonna take a break for new years. No requests/desires during this time! Party hats and kisses and watching the ball drop! * 4:30 Quiet Time/sleep. + Lights will go down in the dining room and living room for people to sleep. Any one still up or awake needs to try to be quiet-ish. Stay overnight if you want, bring a sleeping bag. No more scenes without GMs. <a name="next"></a> ## How to get ready! ## * Start thinking about fun desires you'd like to have met and posting them on the [private forum!](https://reddit.com/r/hedonism_party_orl) * Volunteer to be a GM * Reserve a room for a time * Plan a carpool * GET EXCITED ## Links! ##