# GMG: Game Master Guide ## Basics ## Thank you for Being a Game Master at the Hedonism Party! As game-master, you're basically responsible for being the 'dad' of the group. Watch out for people doing things they aren't supposed to and keep people safe. Also help people have their hedonistic desires met! ### Rules of the Party ### * **No drugs** If you see someone doing drugs, ask them to stop. If they don't, kick them out. * **Don't touch anything that isn't yours** If you see someone stealing/breaking things/about to break things/about to be reckless/harassing someone/getting into a scene they aren't supposed to, firmly but politely ask them to stop doing thos things * **Don't do anything that will involve cops** Try to keep the noise down as much as possible. Enforce the quiet time hours (nothing loud outside past 2:30 AM, Lights out and quiet past 4:30) * **Don't do anything that will involve hospitals** Try to watch for people about to do intrinsically dangerous things. Stop them if necessary. * **No explicit scenes in the kitchen, living room, coat room or hallway** Nobody should be doing a scene in these areas. ### What if someone refuses? ### As a GM, your word is as good as the hosts. Get other GMS to warn them. If they ignore you you have the authority to kick them out. ### GM Privileges ### You will get a key to get into any locked room, which you are fully allowed to use for ANY scene to check up/watch. You can and should ask people who are doing requests hat they are doing. Even private events and they aren't allowed to lie to you. You can't tell anyone else (think like a priest). ## Responsibilities ## ### The Door ### Make sure the door stays closed at all times. GM is responsible for letting people in and out. ### Scheduling ### If people aren't obeying the schedule, kick them out and enforce it. If two events are back to back, give the first event a five minute warning. If there isn’t a preceding event make sure no one is occupying five minutes ahead of time. As a GM, you need to keep track of the schedule. This means looking at the schedule posted online on the schedule page or the paper printed schedule and making sure that people don't double-book rooms. Use the paper schedule printed to mark out room reservations. ONLY GMS can touch the paper schedule! Don't give someone a room (private or public) for more than an hour, and try to pressure people to take less than half an hour if you can. People who are doing things with more people can have a little more time. Make up a random meaningless ids for private events. ### Safety ### Watch for people's safety. Don't let people do somethign that you judge to be intrinsically dangerous. You can ask someone to explain their safety protocols to you before they do it. If you aren't satisfied with it you can veto the event happening. While scenes or events are taking place be sure to watch the observers as well as the participants. Make sure people are giving activities appropriate space and respecting tools that might be in use. Try to keep eyes for people having an unexpected emotional reactions so that you can help them out of the scene space safely. ### Drinking ### Watch for people's consumption as much as possible. If you think someone is questionable don't let them do dangerous or sexual requests. You can and should tell people to slow down! Keep an eye out for signs of alcohol poisoning (less likely) or signs that someone might be too intoxicated to consent to an activity. (See consent section below). Use your best discretion ### Consent ### As a GM, make sure that ALL PARTICIPANTS have the ability to consent! If someone uses a safeword (Red/Yellow) in your presence, watch to see if it's enforced and if it's not, step in! Step in immediately! If you see a scene happening where safewording is difficult (such as a gag), make sure that whoever is gagged has an alternate safeword in place. ### House Safewords ### * **Green** all clear * **Yellow** don’t intervene, but be aware of what’s going on. * **Red** Scene should come to a stop. GMs should listen for this, especially if it is repeated frequently. When you hear red it’s the GM’s job to make sure the “Red” is followed. * **Mayday** This means all hands on deck. Outside intervention is immediately requested. Repeat the mayday to draw attention from the other GMs. This is for severe situations like injuries or Red not being followed, etc ### Coordination ### ENFORCE the schedule! Corral people to the right places at the right time if someone asks. If someone asks you where something is, consult the schedule. Offer to announce public events or requests for people, and announce them to the group. Make sure that 1. nobody is in the rooms till 9:30, 2. nobody is doing requests till 9:30. 3. nobody is doing anything not NYE from 11:30-12:00 4. Everyone is quiet outside at 2:30, 5. Everyone is quiet inside at 4:30 ### Make sure people are happy ### Offer to help corral people and do stuff and keep people safe. ### Other stuff ### * **Neighbors** Especially later into the night let’s make sure that any outdoor events don’t disturb the neighbors to the point that we draw unwanted attention from police, etc. * **Change of shift** make sure the next person is found and ready to go before stopping GM duty. If not work it out a fix with the other GMs or the host. ## Frequently Asked Questions ## ### What about cops? ### Do not let cops in. Tell them you need to get the homeowner, come find me. If I'm not available, step OUTSIDE and tell them we'll keep it down. This is unlikely to happen. ### What if someone ignores me ### Tell them to stop or you'll have them removed. Follow through.